Welcome to the International Hunting Dog Academy



With hunting getting more and more popular throughout the world the demand for highly trained gundogs is rising as well. Especially multi-purpose HPR breeds are often the first choice, if a loyal, hardy and efficient gundog is required. Everyone passionate about hunting will agree - without the help of our highly skilled friends hunting would not be possible.

We are offering a gundog training which is a combiantion of old German hunting dog training methods combined with modern dog training techniques. With two hughe hunting grounds, with big waters, forest and field we have best opportunities for hunting dogs! Even when we are living in Germany we want to offer high quality gundog training to every passionate hunter in the world.

Our team is deeply connected within the german hunting scene and can therefore help you in finding the perfect hunting partner or help you solving problems you might come across while training your HPR. With over 10 years of training experience our team is providing a wide range of service options tailored to your requirements.

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Lisa Meyer

Head trainer and owner of the international hunting dog academy


Greetings from Finnland: 

One of the pups (Cäthe vom Hexenweg) from our last Drahthaar litter is developing fine in Finnland and working especially great in the water...


 And about the USA:

At the moment we train the Deutsch Kurzhaar "Quasi from Kings Crossing" to her Solms, she has come the long way from New Jersey to us for training. And when she goes home she will bring the DK youngster "Quint vom Schnepfenstrich" with her which is at the moment at the academy for puppy training....

Quasi from Kings Crossing

 Quint vom Schnepfenstrich